2016 Challenge

What proven innovations have you created that would enhance health care value in the U.S. if broadly disseminated?

Apply Here       Application Deadline May 16th 

There are few communities of professionals that are as innovative as those in health care. From inventions to processes, procedures to communication, our job is to meet people where they are and provide them the best possible care. Yet, in a community that demands constant innovation, we often experience a slowdown when it comes to dissemination compared to other industries. We want to change that. It’s time to take your proven successes out to the market. What’s your innovation?  

To be considered for the 2016 Health Acceleration Challenge, innovations must be:

  • Impactful– The innovation would significantly improve the value of health care delivery if widely adopted.

  • Proven– Credible, demonstrated evidence of successful results are required, such as cost savings, outcomes improvement, patient satisfaction, etc.

  • Ready to scale– You must have a detailed rollout plan and be at the cusp of “scaling up” to achieve impact.

Health Acceleration Challenge Launch

Health Acceleration Challenge 2016 starts now!