2016-2017 Challenge


Sachin Jain-Carrum HealthCarrum Health has been named the winner of the 2016-2017 Health Acceleration Challenge. The accolade came with $50,000 in prize money and was presented to CEO Sach Jain in early November.

Launched in spring 2016, a team of 24 judges reviewed and rated applications based on the three Challenge criteria of impact, evidence, and dissemination and 21 innovations were selected and ultimately, four finalists emerged:

ADDICAID: An addiction wellness platform for patients, payers, and providers was founded by Sam Frons. Addicaid's AI-driven ecosystem streamlines the needs of people looking to help themselves or looking to help others with a personalized recovery app paired with engagement solutions for any professional looking to enhance the delivery of care.


CARRUM HEALTH: Carrum Health’s solution connects self-insured employers to top-quality regional healthcare providers through bundled payment arrangements. Founded by Sachin Jain, the company’s goal is to radically improve the health care experience and outcomes of patients, while reducing cost burden for both employers and their employees.


OCHSNER HEALTH SYSTEM: A technology-enabled and precision-based model of care to proactively manage hypertension was developed under the leadership of Dr. Richard Milani. Ochsner’s Hypertension Digital Medicine program engages both patients and providers as collaborators in gaining hypertension control, yielding superior clinical outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

RADIAL ANALYTICS: An evidence-driven decision support platform to help hospitals and insurers reduce post-acute costs for shared-risk patients while improving outcomes. The Smart Placement™ solution developed by the company, which was co-founded by Thaddeus Fulford-Jones and Eric Weiss, is deployed for Medicare Acountable Care Organizations, Medicare Bundles, and Medicare Advantage patient populations.

Thank you to all Health Acceleration Challenge applicants and our 24 judges for making the Challenge a success. Congratulations to all our finalists and winner, Carrum Health!

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We are no longer accepting applications for the 2016 Health Acceleration Challenge.  To view and comment on the innovative submissions we did receive, please register here!  

To be considered for the 2016 Health Acceleration Challenge, innovations must be:

  • Impactful– The innovation would significantly improve the value of health care delivery if widely adopted.

  • Proven– Credible, demonstrated evidence of successful results are required, such as cost savings, outcomes improvement, patient satisfaction, etc.

  • Ready to scale– You must have a detailed rollout plan and be at the cusp of “scaling up” to achieve impact.


Health Acceleration Challenge Launch

Health Acceleration Challenge 2016-2017