2014-15 Finalists


Bloodbuy notes that blood is a core commodity of health care. For this reason, the Dallas company built a cloud-based platform that addresses the uneven geographic distribution of available blood supply in real time, enabling price transparency and greater efficiency in a critical health care market.


I-Pass uses a multifaceted approach to improve the exchange of information among health care providers by standardizing the patient hand-off process at every change of shift. It has already yielded a 30% reduction in medical errors resulting from patient transfer. The enterprise is led by the I-Pass Executive Council, a group of six individuals from a number of hospitals across the country, including Boston Children’s/Harvard Medical School, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children/Drexel University College of Medicine, and the Benioff Children’s Hospital/University of California San Francisco.


The goal of Medalogix is to help provide better quality of life at the end of a patient’s life. The Nashville-based company does this by leveraging predictive analytics to identify patients that are eligible for hospice and then implementing a workflow that allows clinicians to help patients better manage the hospice decision and transfer process, minimizing associated difficulties and costs for all those involved.