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Judging will be based on:


We will evaluate applications on their potential to improve the value of the U.S. health care delivery system by lowering cost, improving quality, and/or improving access. We are looking for tested innovations that, if more broadly disseminated, would dramatically improve health care value.


We will ask for credible information from existing sites, pilots or customers to confirm that your innovation works. The more evidence you can provide, the stronger your application.  Evidence can include demonstrated cost savings, documented improvements in care, increases in patient satisfaction or any other quantitative evidence that proves your innovation is successful.  


We want to know about your scale-up plan. What other sites, partners or customers do you intend to engage or have you already lined up? How will you overcome the common barriers to adoption? What’s the timeline? Your innovation does not necessarily have to be in commercializable form, but you do need a solid dissemination plan.